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Lorries and Trains, my short, chamber play is based upon my own experiences of grief and represents an intimate conversation between strangers that I wished I could have had.


I decided early on that whatever soundtrack I considered for it would play an integral role in contrasting and elevating the dialogue and setting of the performance. Both these features of the theatrical performance are very understated and stripped back, so I chose to create an accurate, authentic soundscape that would immerse the audience into the setting of the play. However, I did not want the soundscape to be too realistic but to be exaggerated in some parts to display the hypersensitivity of the male protagonist’s (Adam) mental state, as we aurally perceive the train and the dialogue through him. I did this through the fabricated nature of the samples that make up the recordings, and through the distortion and alterations I have made to the piece, which create the soundscape, so they are never quite reflective of reality. 

You can watch the perfromance here:

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