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What Remains

June 20th to July 8th 2023, 'Beneath the Earth' at Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield. 

'What Remains' is a sculpture assembled from only materials found in the communcal green space around my flat block. This piece focuses on the relationship between archaeology and modern waste and pollution, combining natural and manufactured materials to form a ceremonial, skeletal figure. This piece also plays with the theme of what we will leave as a society to the earth in contrast to what has been left by civilisations before us.

This piece can be hung from a hole behind its head or laid flat on the floor/pedestal.

The head of the figure is made from air dry clay and is styled on an ancient, simplistic totem, aged through burning. All the assembled parts are fitted or tied together with no adhesives, screws or nails.

What Remains 1.JPG
What Remains 4.JPG
What Remains 3.JPG
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